How much compensation for whiplash?

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How Much Compensation for Whiplash?

When it comes to receiving compensation for whiplash, there is no simple blueprint for an answer. Everyone has entitlement to something different when filing a personal injury claim. Having said that, there are ways that you can calculate an estimated amount. The calculator factors in a list of important things to consider when determining a compensation amount. Everyone’s amount will be different based on their own personal situations. Because calculating compensation is so complex, it is important to hire a lawyer to help you through the process.

A lawyer will be able to factor in all considerations and tell you “how much compensation for whiplash?” What factors affect your compensation amount?

Here is an important term you should know: Multipliers. This is term that refers to factors that can increase or reduce your settlement amount. At the same time, they are factors that determine the amount of power you will have in your negotiation. There are some factors that hold more merit on the pain and suffering threshold than others. These are factors that you should be well aware of even if you have a lawyer working alongside you.

Some multipliers that help to increase your settlement amount include, but are not limited to:

  1. Any broken bones, concussions, or nerve damage. In terms of whiplash, these are not usually seen. Having said that, whiplash can often accompany brain damage. When the head thrashes back and forwards in a sharp jerking motion as it does in whiplash, the brain can also jerk around. This leads to the risk of the brain hitting the walls of the skull. If this happens, brain damage is possible. And if brain damage is present, your negotiation power will definitely increase.
  2. Your initial treatment will be extremely important in determining “how much compensation for whiplash”. Your initial doctor/hospital visit will determine what injuries you have, as well as to what extent. It is extremely important to bring up whiplash in your initial treatment session. Many times whiplash can get overlooked because symptoms don’t present themselves right away. It is important that you have your doctor check for whiplash during initial treatments, so you don’t end up footing the bill.
  3. Missed appointments, vacations, work, or school. If you have missed time at work, or for any of these things, your compensation amount will increase.  In terms of whiplash, missed time is not uncommon. Whiplash can often be extremely painful, and in severe cases can lead to chronic pain. Dizziness, extreme headaches, and concentration difficulties can also accompany whiplash. Each of these things can lead to disruptions in everyday life, which can impact your compensation amount. Other things that increase the amount that you receive include prescriptions and rehabilitation appointments. Your settlement can also increase if there are any visible scars, or if there is a loss of mobility, muscle mass, or weakness. Emotional trauma and loss of life quality can also raise compensation amounts.

How Much Compensation for Whiplash?

What lowers your claim’s multiplier?

Just as there are things that can increase your multiplier, there are also things that can lower it. If there is no evidence of whiplash or other serious injury, your multiplier will lower. It will also lower  if you were not given prescriptions, or if your prescriptions were over-the-counter. Your compensation can also lower if the treatment you received was from a non-MD. This is why it is so important to see a personal injury doctor immediately following your accident. A medical doctor is reputable in the eyes of the court, and can help you to get compensation if you deserve it. Having said that, you can seek out alternative treatments after your initial visit to the MD. Chiropractors and other practitioners of alternative medicine can help in the area of pain management. They can also help to build your case by providing you with further documentation. So, in the case of whiplash, it is okay to see alternative practitioners – just be sure to see a registered MD first.

Calculating your Multiplier

When it comes to determining how much compensation for whiplash, the job is best left to a lawyer. There are a lot of details that go into determining your final claim amount, and lawyers have the experience to create a fair settlement price. They can also help to submit your claim and incorporate any other legal fees into your final claim. With solid representation, you will be able to stand your ground and fight against other parties that may try to negotiate you down.

Hiring an attorney

Hiring an attorney is the best way to determine what your whiplash claim is worth. An attorney can help you deal with insurance companies. They can also help you determine what amount of compensation you are entitled to. In addition, they can help you deal with any curveballs that you may have thrown at you in court. Many times, for example, cases that are not dealt with immediately are deemed to be “weak”, since it took so long to bring to court. A good lawyer will be able to help you work your way around this, ensuring that you still get the compensation you deserve.

Where can you find an Attorney in your area?

Call us at 719 Pain! At 719 Pain we work with personal injury attorneys that can help our clients. Whether you have questions about filing whiplash claims, or need an attorney to help guide you through the process – we can help. At 719 Pain, we know that each case is unique. This is why we work with a variety of different lawyers, so that we have options when finding someone to best meet your needs!

When you call us, a representative will work with you to consider your situation, your goals, and your expectations. From there, we can pair you with an attorney who can meet those goals. Let us help you determine how much compensation for whiplash – and help you get it!

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