Car accident neck pain

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Car Accident Neck Pain

Did you know that approximately 3 million new cases of whiplash occur worldwide every year? Of these 3 million cases, over half of the people experience chronic pain. In addition, another 25% of people have symptoms that last longer than 6 months. But what exactly is whiplash?

Whiplash is the most common of all injuries caused by car accidents. It is also the most common cause of car accident neck pain. It happens when the head and neck snap backward and forward in an unrestrained motion. While car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash, it can also happen after other personal injuries. Falling off a horse or bike, after taking a hit from the side and sporting injuries can all cause whiplash.

Staggering statistics about whiplash

  1. On average, those who experience whiplash lose more than 8 weeks of work.
  2. Whiplash is 5 times more common in women than men.
  3. Most whiplash injuries occur in a vehicle that is travelling less than 12mph.
  4. Whiplash is most likely to occur in a rear-end collision.
  5. Whiplash increases you risk of chronic shoulder, back pain and neck pain.

The good news is that whiplash is generally not a life threatening injury. With that said, it can lead to chronic pain and prolonged disability. Symptoms of disability often occur within 24 hours of the initial car accident. They can sometimes go weeks or even months before presenting themselves. Common symptoms include things like car accident neck pain and stiffness, headaches, and blurred vision. Other common symptoms of whiplash include dizziness and weariness. Less common symptoms may include things like concentration and memory difficulties, ringing in the ears, and sleeping difficulties. Other less common symptoms include irritability and chronic neck, shoulder, or head pain.

The importance of seeing a Doctor for neck pain

Untreated cases of whiplash can often lead to chronic pain. This is why it is so important to have it diagnosed as soon as possible. If you have been in a car accident, you should see a doctor immediately regardless of whether you feel car accident neck pain or not.

As mentioned previously, the onset of whiplash doesn’t always occur right away. In fact, many times symptoms of whiplash can take weeks or even months before they arise. Unfortunately, if you don’t deal with whiplash promptly, you could have pain for the rest of your life. As a result, you should seek medical attention immediately following your accident – even if you are not in pain.

Who can help if you are experiencing car accident neck pain?

1) Doctors

A doctor will help to examine your physical state to determine if there have been any injuries. They will do a physical examination and ask you about any symptoms you have. This can help to determine if there is anything wrong. If you are experiencing pain in your neck, some doctors may place a collar around your neck for additional support. X-rays can help to determine if whiplash has occurred, as well as the extent of damage caused. From there, your doctor can develop a personalized treatment plan. Your doctor may choose to prescribe medications to help you deal with the pain. They may also suggest techniques that can help you manage your pain, like exercise and alternative therapies.

2) Chiropractors

Chiropractors fall under the category of alternative medicine. Chiropractors hold the fundamental belief that the body has all of the tools that it needs to heal itself. They also believe that there is an intimate relationship between the spine and the nervous system. In other words, by healing the spine you can also heal many other ailments of the body. In terms of whiplash, each case is unique. During your initial chiropractic exam, your practitioner will examine the degree of whiplash you have and help to determine the appropriate chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractors treat symptoms of whiplash by performing spinal manipulations. These are a series of short thrusts that move the involved joint into the direction which it became restricted. Chiropractors may also suggest other forms of pain management. These may include things like muscle relaxation and stimulations techniques, exercises you can do at home, and lifestyle changes you can make.

3) Lawyers

If you have car accident neck pain due to someone else’s negligence, you may have entitlement to compensation. This is where a lawyer comes in. After an accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you in several different ways. Firstly, they can help you with your insurance coverage. Such coverage can help to pay for any medical bills that may be incurred until you settle your case. Secondly, they can help you through the negotiation and litigation process.

Not only can your lawyer help to gather evidence to support your claims (witness statements, photographs, reports, etc.), but they can also help to obtain any medical reports or bills necessary to document your damages. Lawyers can also help in the process of soliciting offers and reaching fair settlements.

4) 719 Pain

At 719 Pain, we can help to put you in touch with the doctors, chiropractors, and lawyers that you need to help you through your time of pain. We are an unaffiliated company. In return, our only goal is to help put you in touch with right people to help you after your car accident. When speaking to one of our representatives, we will gather all information needed to help you find the support you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a doctor to prescribe medications for your pain, a chiropractor to help manage your pain, or a lawyer to help you file a claim – we can help you find exactly what you are looking for! If you have car accident neck pain, call us today.

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