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Whiplash Claims Average Payout

For anyone considering making a compensation claim for whiplash, you might be interested to know what the average pay-out is. Fortunately, there is a clear formula for calculating what your potential pay-out is.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the whiplash claims average payout can be.

How Can I Calculate What My Claim Is Worth?

Of course, like all forms of personal injury compensation, there is no set amount that you are guaranteed to receive. This means that your settlement is based on no more and no less than your case, and the pain you feel.

The whiplash claims average payout is dependent on key factors, including:

  • The severity of the injury – and any additional injuries suffered during your injury.
  • Any medical prescriptions that you need to take during treatment in a bid to manage your pain.
  • The requirement to undergo any form of rehab or follow-up care after initial treatments.
  • Visible scarring, damage, loss of feeling, muscle weakness or lasting movement issues.
  • Hours lost in terms of working potential or earnings, vacations, appointments and education.

Each of these above factors will determine the likelihood of your value. Unfortunately, the pain and suffering that whiplash causes is not easily visible. Whiplash can be very severe or practically benign. Therefore, cases like these can become a war of words between yourself and the defendant/insurance company.

To help avoid such a situation, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Did your whiplash leave you with any cuts, contusions or lasting sprains? How severe were they?
  • How high did your medical bills become? Did treatment go beyond an examination?
  • What treatment did you undergo? Did it involve any kind of therapy, or over-the-counter medications?
  • Was there any lasting pain or irritation from the incident?
  • But most importantly, was your treatment provided by a registered MD? If so, they will have written medical records that can prove the extent of your whiplash.

Depending on the answers to all of the above, your case will be made or broken. Each will play a determining role in better understanding where your case may fall down. Whiplash can be a damaging and debilitating condition, but your case needs as much detail as possible; we therefore recommend that you seek professional medical help prior to making your claim, in order to have records of proof that your condition is as serious as you claim it to be.

Whiplash Claims Average Payout for Mild Whiplash

Let’s take a look at where the most common form of whiplash – mild whiplash – would leave you.

What many characterize as ‘mild’ whiplash still causes pain and discomfort, just like a normal neck ache. But if the medical treatment never really went further than an examination, and you were back to normality fairly soon, it would be seen as ‘mild whiplash’.

While this does not mean that your case is going to be dismissed or ignored, it caps the settlement. Unless whiplash is only a minor part of the wider settlement, the whiplash claims average payout for mild whiplash is significantly lower. No matter how much your claim is worth, you’re well within your rights to pursue reimbursement; if you suffered because of whiplash, no matter how severe, it’s still worth claiming against.

For those who have undergone a minor injury and recovered within a year, their average pay-out would be around $500-$2,500. Naturally, ‘your mileage may vary’, so consult with a qualified specialist if you would like a more specific answer.

Whiplash Claims Average Payout for Moderate Whiplash

The significant cost associated with moderate whiplash is that it involves trips to the hospital. Moderate whiplash is more than just your standard pain; it’s significant discomfort. You will have the opportunity to recover entirely in time, but moderate whiplash is still an uncomfortable injury to suffer through.

Many times, it leaves you in a state of mild physical disability. It can make turning from side-to-side very difficult. On top of that, it makes mobility and movement challenging. Should your whiplash mean it’s hard to work, or you are limited from living your standard quality of life, then your claim will be worth significantly more.

After all, the average payout for a moderate whiplash problem – where the issues are manageable and the necessity of long-term treatment is hard to ignore – can be in the $3,500+ mark. Moderate whiplash can last for a lengthy period of time and see you in and out of hospital for therapy, post-incident care and long-term assistance. This is why you will most likely receive a higher pay-out.

Whiplash Claims Average Payout for Severe Whiplash

Severe whiplash is worth the most. Severe whiplash can cause lifelong discomfort and pain, and necessitate repeated and ongoing hospital visits. Whiplash might not sound severe, but a serious case can leave someone without proper mobility or use of their body for the long-term.

The issues that whiplash can leave you with are extensive and numerous. Fortunately, compensation can make a tremendous difference by helping you to cope with with the massive physical and mental anxiety this problem can cause.

Whiplash is not just a sore neck; there is much more to this condition than one might expect. So, don’t downplay the severity of pain that you feel. If the medical prognosis is negative and there has been (or continue to be) loss of earnings, quality of life or emotional happiness, consider progressing. These claims – though hard to personalize – can be worth anything from $6,000+.

When you feel like severe whiplash is likely to continue long-term or indefinitely, you should consider making a claim. There is no reason why you should hold back; the correct legal and medical advice can help to get what you deserve for the trauma suffered.

Whiplash Claims Average Payout: How Can 719 Pain Help?

As ever, 719 Pain assists in getting the best settlement possible. By connecting you with the right medical and legal advisors, finding a solution will be so much simpler. Now, you can help to reduce the unnecessary stress and anxiety that healing your whiplash, and chasing reasonable compensation, can cause.

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