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If you are on the lookout for medical assistance, finding the right doctor is vital. There are specialists for every condition, who can provide you with the best possible treatments. But when you’re injured, sick, or ill, you don’t have time to ‘shop around’.

With 719 Pain, you get the perfect chance to work with trusted medical and legal professionals. We help those who need assistance in finding a quality Colorado Springs doctor as well as legal advice for personal injuries without the usual headache involved.

What is Chronic Pain?

When the term ‘chronic pain’ comes up in conversation, you may not appreciate what it actually means. It’s not just a phrase, it’s a specific medical term. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than a 12-week period.

If you are suffering from pain that has lasted for such a long time, you must have sustained a serious injury in some way. Without the right corrective treatment, that problem will not go away on its own. Chronic pain can arise from an initial impact injury – for example, back pain or neck pain caused by falling awkwardly. Sometimes, though, chronic pain is caused by working conditions or illness. Unfortunately, chronic pain does not always have a clear cause.

Chronic pain can limit our ability to work and to move generally, and can reduce our physical strength and stamina. Seeing our lives limited so much is a disheartening and depressing experience. Many people suffer from chronic pain and never really receive the help that they need to overcome the issue. This is a major problem, since chronic pain can have a major detrimental effect on your life and work. From excessive mood swings to a lack of energy through to an inability to work at 100%, chronic pain is very frustrating.

However, a Colorado Springs doctor can help. It’s all about getting an accurate diagnosis of the underlying condition, and having an expert suggest the right treatment.

How a Colorado Springs Doctor can Treat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain treatments are varied. Given the nature of chronic pain, though, most chronic pain treatments are aimed at management rather than a cure. By making sure you can enjoy day-to-day activity without physical limitation, treatment often is aimed at preventing loss of quality of life. Most treatments are based on medications that prevent the feeling of pain.

Some treatments will be more than medication based; if your chronic pain is posture-caused, for example, you can find corrective chiropractic treatments that can help. Other regular forms of treatment used to combat chronic pain treatments include:

  • Acupuncture and pain therapy.
  • Electrical stimulation.
  • Nerve blocking/unblocking.

Many times, though, the most effective way to help chronic pain is through self-management. Self-management of pain takes a lot of discipline, but usually means looking at how you live and deciding how to change for the better. Self-management is sometimes the most effective way to treat chronic pain. When the pain sticks around for so long that it drastically slows you down, self-management is often the best treatment for delivering a slow-but-sure solution.

A physician can advise you on the topic of these life altering changes. We recommend that you look at the various professional assistance solutions available through 719 Pain.

Chiropractors for Chronic Pain

Our physician led service helps you to find a specialist Colorado Springs doctor quicker than ever before. But besides physicians, there are plenty of treatment options available to you. If you have never worked with one before, you may not know just how effectively a chiropractor can help you to tackle chronic pain.

If you suffer from back pain and you need help correcting it, a chiropractor could be perfect for you. In fact, a chiropractor is often the first recommendation to cope with chronic pain due to any kind of back-related issues. They can take a look at the back and develop a treatment plan to make recovery possible. While chronic pain issues rarely will heal on their own, working with a professional to help you manipulate your body and positioning can!

Chiropractors use a process called spinal manipulation in order to correct the position of the spine. Certain qualified chiropractors, who you can access through 719 Pain, can also use massage and other techniques to help speed up muscle relaxation and recovery after an injury.

If you would like, you can choose to work with a variety of personal injury specialists in order to speed up your recovery. A specialist physician will be able to accurately diagnose your condition, and offer pain relief medications to make daily life bearable; a chiropractor will be able to realign the spine and body, and recommend gentle stretches and exercises to make your recovery far easier. So what are you waiting for?

Colorado Springs Doctor: How Can 719 Pain Assist?

Alongside our directory of professional personal injury experts, 719 Pain offers unaffiliated advice. We’ll speak with you to get a clearer understanding of the medical challenges you face at present, and refer you to the best possible expert practitioners who can aid your recovery. Since we are entirely unaffiliated, our only goal is to help you get the help you deserve. We aren’t trying to sell you anything; just help you to help yourself.

And besides helping you to physically recover, we can put you in touch with a personal injury lawyer. We have everything you might need, all just 1 phone call away.

Why contact us for Colorado Springs personal injury advice?

  1. You’ve been injured and need advice on what to do for your legal and health issues: We are here to help you.
  2. Local, experienced personal injury experts. 719 Pain is not affiliated with any medical provider or insurance company.
  3. We help you find the best legal and medical help for your unique injuries.



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