Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Colorado Springs

Why should you hire a personal injury attorney Colorado Springs? Wouldn’t it be easier to fight your case yourself, especially considering that you could save money in attorney’s fees?

Saving money is always good, but take it from us: you wouldn’t save money going it alone, for one very good reason. Attorneys are there to help you claim more money than you possibly could on your own. They know every trick in the book to get you the maximum amount of compensation available. Here are all the reasons why hiring a personal injury attorney makes great financial sense…

1) Insurance Companies Love It When You Fight Them Alone

Insurance companies can only afford to exist by giving out less than they take in. That’s a plain, financial fact. It’s their job to low-ball you, to offer you less than they should, and to weasel out of their obligations. Otherwise they would go bankrupt overnight! That’s why insurance companies love to see somebody taking them on alone. Unless you’re exceptionally unlucky, you’ll never have fought a personal injury case before. They know that, and they’ll do everything in their power to shift the blame, reduce their obligations and waste your time until you simply can’t be bothered with them any more.

Having an attorney means that you don’t have to suffer through their endless negotiations. Of course, your attorney will keep you informed of their latest dirty tricks. But with them by your side, you’ll have somebody who knows how to fight back. Trust us- that’s invaluable.

2) Contingency Fees Mean You Never Lose

Did you know that personal injury lawyers work on what’s called a ‘contingency fee basis‘? You might also have heard the term ‘no win, no fee’, and it’s exactly that. If your attorney doesn’t win your case for you, then you don’t have to pay them a single solitary cent. It’s a level of service you wouldn’t expect anywhere else! Here’s how it works.

Before your attorney takes on your case, you’ll discuss with them the fine print of your contract. There are never hidden fees; your attorney will explain everything to you beforehand. You and your attorney will agree on a percentage fee of your final settlement, which means that if there is no settlement, there is no fee. It’s as simple as that. Considering that the justice system can be so costly, contingency fees can literally be a life-saver, and can help you avoid a lifetime of debt from legal fees. So no matter what your financial situation after your personal injury, you still have access to justice. How wonderful is that?

3) A Personal Injury Attorney Colorado Springs Knows When To Settle

One of the most important aspects of managing a personal injury case is knowing when to settle. Throughout the process, the insurance company will offer you lump sum amounts to make the case ‘go away’. It’s up to you whether you accept them or not. But if you’re going alone, how do you know what a good offer is, and what a bad offer is? How do you know whether you’re likely to be offered more further down the line? You can research online, but nothing beats experience. You can’t better the experience of a personal injury attorney who’s been there, done it and bought the T-shirt.

There are a few factors which go into the decision of whether to accept an offer or not. First, is it going to be enough to cover your hospital bills and other expenses? But just as important is to ask yourself whether holding out for a better offer will be worth the effort. It’s often true that you could actually get more… If you take a case to court. But prolonging the process and having to wait until you get your compensation isn’t always worth it. That’s something that you can discuss with your attorney.

4) What If You Go To Court?

Last but not least, you have to consider what would happen if the case went to court. Going to court for anything is a stressful experience, whether you’re in the right or not. What makes the pressure so much worse is having to represent yourself. Far better is to have somebody by your side who’s been through the process a hundred times already. Your attorney’s presence will keep you reassured and comfortable throughout, and will mean that you won’t have to do everything yourself.

So how do you find a great personal injury attorney Colorado Springs? You have to…

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