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Have you been in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Do you need to file a claim, but you don’t know how? Then you need a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney. Let’s take a look at everything a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney can help you claim!

colorado springs personal injury attorney

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Accident Damages

After any accident, there’ll no doubt be damages. Damages are what they say on the tin. They cover the cost of the damage done to your property in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Think of it this way: if you were walking down the street with your phone in your hand, and somebody came up to you, grabbed it, and smashed it with a hammer… After asking them what the heck they were doing, you’d want them to pay for it, right? Damages are exactly that. If somebody crashes into your car or motorbike, or if you have an accident after somebody else’s negligence that damages your property, you can have them pay for it. Common damaged property includes:

  • Vehicles damaged in a crash
  • Personal belongings like watches, smartphones and so on
  • Expensive clothing and accessories

Medical Bills

If the accident was serious enough, you’l also have medical bills to contend with. Fortunately, a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney can help you cover those costs. After a personal injury that wasn’t your fault, you can make the guilty party (or their insurance) pay for your medical care. After all, it’s their fault that you’re in hospital and require care, so it’s only right. Common reasons why you might have to go to the hospital after an accident include:

  • Broken bones
  • Sprains and strains (i.e. damage to your muscles)
  • Cuts, bruises, scrapes and lacerations
  • Whiplash (which is surprisingly painful!)

Punitive Damages

Put simply, punitive damages are a form of punishment. They are compensation that goes above and beyond the cost of your accident. Let’s say that your property damaged in the accident was valued at $20,000, and your medical bills came to $10,000. In a simple case, you could expect to receive $30,000. But if punitive damages were added on top, there’s no limit on how much you could get. Think back to famous personal injury cases that you can remember. The McDonald’s hot coffee case is a great example. The plaintiff’s medical bills were in the tens of thousands, but the court ruled in the millions. Why? Punitive damages. If a business or person bent or broke the rules, then courts can use punitive damages to make an example of them. The point is to stop them (and other businesses) from engaging in that behavior again.

Accidents You Can Claim For

Which kind of damages depends on the severity of your accident. But which kinds of accident can you claim for?

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are exceptionally common, but few people actually think to claim for them. If you were walking along, and tripped because of somebody else’s negligence, then you could claim damages. Examples include trips on potholes and sidewalks maintained by the council. If the council are failing in their duty of care towards you, by letting the sidewalk crack and crumble, then it’s only right that they pay for your care if you’re injured. You can also claim damages if a business doesn’t properly clear away snow or ice during bad weather.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the main reasons why people call our 719-PAIN hotline. Obviously, car crashes can be exceedingly dangerous, which also makes them some of the highest-paying personal injury claims. Even a minor crash can cause whiplash, which necessitates thorough and long-lasting medical care. If you were affected by a car accident that wasn’t your fault, call our hotline and talk with the best Colorado Springs personal injury attorney in the area!

Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycle and bicycle accidents are even more dangerous than car accidents. On a bike or bicycle, you aren’t protected. You’re open to the elements and much more vulnerable to damage. As such, the typical payout for a motorcycle accident is high.

Why Contact a Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney?

Of course, it’s possible to file a claim yourself. So why should you contact a lawyer, instead of going it alone?

Insurance Companies Hate Attorneys

Insurance companies much prefer you going it alone. They take the opportunity to low-ball you with offers that are nowhere near the true value of your claim. The McDonald’s case that we discussed earlier is an excellent example. The plaintiff eventually settled for around $600,000. The initial offer that McDonalds’ insurance adjusters offered her? $800. Having an experienced attorney by your side can encourage you to dismiss insulting offers, and hold out for what you really deserve.

The Process Is Tough

What you might not yet appreciate is that cases like these are long and hard. They can go on for years, without an end in sight. If you hire a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney, they’ll be by your side from the very start. They know every stage of the process, and take care of the leg-work for you: that includes liaising with your insurance company, compiling evidence, and filing with court if necessary. Doing all of that on your own is an option, but it’s a very stressful one.

Focus On Your Recovery

If you hire an attorney, you can focus on your recovery. You won’t have to worry about your case, because your attorney takes care of everything for you. And because your Colorado Springs personal injury attorney works on a no-win-no-fee basis, you’ll never lose money because of court fees or losing the case. So call us today at 719-PAIN, and start your claim as soon as possible!

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