Car Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs

Have you suffered an auto accident that wasn’t your fault? And do you need help fighting with the big insurance companies, so that you can better focus on your recovery? Then you need a car accident lawyer Colorado Springs! Welcome to 719-PAIN’s guide to car accident attorneys, with all the information you need on why you should hire one, and what one could do for you. Let’s dive in.

car accident lawyer Colorado Springs

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What Is a Car Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs?

First, let’s explain something: an auto accident lawyer isn’t just a name. It’s a specialization.

As you know, becoming an attorney is a very long, very tough process. It takes long nights and dedication to even open up a practice, let alone handle cases in the real world. And just like other tough jobs- physician, engineer, scientist to name a few- during that process, each potential attorney starts to specialize in a particular area of the law. That’s why you have some attorneys who only work on family law cases. Others choose to become a state attorney to bring people to justice. Others work on contract law, and make big money working for big businesses. The lawyers you need are the ones that only work on personal injury claims.

Why a Car Accident Lawyer?

So, why should you hire a car accident lawyer Colorado Springs? Isn’t it better to hire the most expensive, and therefore the best lawyer you can find? Well, no. Here are two very good reasons why you should pick a specialist:

  1. The vast majority of car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means that you won’t have to pay your attorney a cent unless they win your case. You’ll never be out of pocket, which is a great relief for anyone who couldn’t normally afford a lawyer. Before your attorney starts working on your case, they’ll let you know the typical fee they charge (which is normally a percentage of the total amount you receive as compensation).
  2. Car accident lawyers have plenty of experience dealing with cases just like yours. More experience is always a good thing, because you can be sure that your insurance company will try everything they know to stop you from getting the compensation you deserve. It’s important that you have an attorney with a cool head, who knows what to expect- otherwise you might lose a winning case.

Of course, you can always choose a regular lawyer. But you’re risking two things: first, that you’ll have to pay an expensive hourly fee for everything from your consultation to your court time. That could leave you in significant debt if you don’t win your case. And second, because of your lawyer’s lack of experience, you might not get all the compensation you deserve, or even any compensation at all. Not good.

Car accident lawyer Colorado Springs. Call 719 Pain for personal injury advice

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Why You Need The Best Car Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs Can Offer

There’s one very good reason why you should only pick the very best car accident lawyer. And that’s because with the best attorney, you’re almost guaranteed a higher settlement. There are all sorts of things that affect the ultimate settlement amount, such as:

  • The actions you took prior to seeking compensation. Were you thorough at the scene of the accident, taking pictures and asking the other driver for their details? Of course, your attorney can’t go back in time and take photos of your damaged car for you. But they will make sure that the insurance company gets all of your evidence on time.
  • The treatment you receive prior to seeking compensation. Did you go to a physician soon after the crash? If so, what did they say about your injuries? Your attorney will make sure that, again, the insurance company sees every detail of your medical records.
  • Their determination at key points during the settlement process. Throughout the period before a case has to go to court, the insurance company will make offers that they deem to be fair. These offers are almost always less than you should expect to get, and your attorney will negotiate on your behalf. An experienced attorney will know whether an offer is a good one, and whether you should accept it or not.

But how do you know you’ve found the best lawyer available? It’s simple. All you have to do is…

Call 719 PAIN!

If you want to find the best car accident lawyer Colorado Springs, it’s as simple as dialing 844-719-PAIN. We’re a hotline dedicated to the people of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Through us, you have access to the very best physicians, chiropractors and personal injury attorneys that the area has to offer.

It all starts when you call our hotline. The first person you’ll speak to is a dedicated expert whose job is to take you through a few screening questions. You won’t have to tell us any sensitive information; the point is to find out more about your injury, so that we can determine what you need for your recovery. Your expert will listen to your story, and give you advise based on their experience. They can then forward you to the best chiropractors, attorneys and physicians for your case. Let’s say you have whiplash- they’ll be able to direct you to the best whiplash chiropractor in the area. And all for free.

That’s right. You won’t have to pay us a cent! And not only that, but we’re completely unaffiliated. That means that we aren’t paid to recommend anybody. All of our advice is completely unbiased, and unique to you. So does that sound good? Then give us a call toady, at 844-719-PAIN!

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