How much do personal injury lawyers charge? Well, how long is a piece of string? The answer depends on the unique circumstances of your case. It also depends on how much the attorney chooses to charge, and how they choose to charge you. If you’d like to know everything you need to about personal injury fees, check out our post below!

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge for Consultations?

how much do personal injury lawyers charge

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The consultation with your lawyer is your first step to making a claim. In it, you tell your attorney everything they need to know, including:

  • The details of your accident
  • How long ago the accident was
  • Whether you have any evidence to back up your claims (like dash cam footage)

Your attorney will then give you their honest advice. Often, this could be simply telling you that your claim isn’t worth pursuing. Maybe you don’t have enough evidence to convince your insurance company, for example. Or maybe the accident was your fault! Alternatively, your attorney might think that there’s no point pursuing the claim because it wouldn’t be worth much.

Whatever the case, you can see why a consultation is important. The good news is that a consultation is usually free. Some lawyers do charge, however. The cost is normally for one hour of their time: between $100 and $200. It could also be a fixed fee at your attorney’s discretion.

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge By the Hour?

As you probably know, the majority of attorneys work on an hourly basis. This is so that attorneys—who spend many years gaining qualifications and experience—know that they’re charging a fair fee for their expertise. This can be anywhere between $100 and $200, although you can find attorneys who charge less or more than the norm. Any cheaper and you might worry that you’re not getting a real expert. That’s understandable.

No Win, No Fee (Contingency Fee)

If you’re anything like most people seeking justice, you’ll be wary of the amount that some lawyers quote. It might seem like a huge amount to fork out, especially if you have to think of other bills you have to pay:

  • Hospital bills after your accident
  • The costs of missing work
  • Getting your car, bike or other mode of transport replaced
  • Repairing or replacing anything else that was damaged in the accident, like your phone

If you don’t prove your case, you’ll be stuck with these fees and the bill from your attorney. You might be in debt for years. Fortunately, that’s why most personal injury attorneys actually work on a contingency fee basis. Legally speaking, these agreements are referred to as ‘damages based agreements’, or DBAs.

A DBA is an agreement that you come to with your lawyer. Under one, your attorney agrees to represent you under the agreement that they will deduct a certain percentage of the compensation they recover for you. This will be the entire fee that your attorney takes, as they won’t receive an hourly fee. The key is that you won’t pay a cent unless your attorney proves your case. This protects you from the event of losing the case, but still having to pay fees. A typical fee is between 25 and 30%; whatever the precise amount, this is something that you and your attorney will agree before the case begins. The same applies if your case eventually goes to court.

Pros & Cons of Contingency Fee Agreements

Working on a contingency fee basis is an excellent idea for anybody who wouldn’t normally have access to justice. Here’s why you should consider working with a contingency fee attorney:

  • First things first, you won’t pay your attorney unless they earn you compensation.
  • A DBA attorney is going to fight hard to prove your case. If they don’t, they won’t earn a cent for their time, so it’s in their best interest.
  • If your case drags on—for example if it goes to court—an hourly fee might prove very costly. DBAs don’t get more expensive if you have to prove your case before a judge.

Of course, there are a couple of drawbacks to contingency fee agreements. For a very simple case, it may cost less to find an hourly fee lawyer. That being said, personal injuries are rarely simple.

How Can I Find a Lawyer?

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