Looking for the best personal injury attorney Colorado Springs? It’s no easy task. It’s not just about finding the attorney with the most legal knowledge. Nor is it about finding the attorney who’s most likely to win your case (although that’s very, very important). There are actually quite a few factors you have to think of. So, want to know what makes an attorney great, and how to find the best? Read on!

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What Makes An Attorney Great?

So, what is it that makes an attorney the best? Of course, you have to think of their legal knowledge. But it’s not like you can make them sit an exam for you! At the very least, you want to find an attorney who specializes in cases like yours. If that means finding a motorcycle attorney, a bicycle attorney, an attorney who specializes in accidents at work, then so be it. There are even attorneys who specialize in things as unique as nursing home abuse and dog bites. Finding an attorney who matches your case is important because it means that they know the ins and outs of cases like yours, before you even introduce yourself to them. But what else matters? Let’s take a look.

Listening Skills

One of the first things you have to consider is how good a listener they are. Bear in mind that your attorney can only work on what you tell them: so it’s vital that they’re listening to you! All lawyers value their time, but some seem to value their time so much that they can’t really be bothered to get to grips with your case. They’re not invested, and they’re not all that interested in seeing you succeed (aside from the paycheck they get at the end). So if your attorney seems to listen to what you have to say, that’s a great sign.

People Skills

Next up, you have to think of your attorney’s people skills. People skills are important in all walks of life, and the law is no different. Depending on how long your case lasts, you might have to have meeting after meeting with your attorney. If they aren’t somebody that you enjoy being around, your case is going to be no fun at all (not that claiming compensation is normally that fun!)


Finally, you have to think of your attorney’s experience. As we said above, specialization is incredibly important. But you also have to think of how long your attorney has been in the game. If they’ve spent twenty years handling cases like yours, that’s perfect. They know everything there is to know about your personal injury, and that can come in very handy. With plenty of experience, they also know every trick of the trade: every way your insurance company is going to try and rip you off. Knowing the difference between a decent settlement and a great settlement is also key. So, in a way, experience is the most important thing to look for.

Finding The Best Personal Injury Attorney Colorado Springs

But considering that you’ve just been in an accident, how do you actually find the best personal injury attorney Colorado Springs? How do you find the right attorney for you when you’re supposed to be focused on your recovery? It’s not an easy task, no matter which way you tackle it. Let’s take a look at some of the methods you could use to find your attorney.

Try Online

Your first port of call is to search for an attorney online. Any lawyer or practice worth their salt is going to have an online presence these days. From a business standpoint, it makes you easier and more convenient to find, which is a good thing for any professional whether they sell pens or settle claims. The problem is that sorting and sifting through the dozens of local attorneys that you can find online is that it takes so much time. Checking reviews on a handful of different websites, including Yelp, Google and AngiesList can take weeks- unless you take the easy route and pick one of the first that you find. But isn’t that what you’re trying to avoid?

Word of Mouth

Another alternative is to use word of mouth. Ask around among friends, colleagues, family and neighbors: has anybody you know needed a personal injury lawyer before? If so, who did they make their claim with? Were they successful, and was the process easy enough to understand? Word of mouth reviews are better than online reviews, because you know for a fact that they’re from people you can trust. The only problem is that using word of mouth reviews narrows down your talent pool considerably. Unless all of your friends and family are unlucky enough to be in regular accidents, the odds are that they’ll only know about one or two different attorneys, if any at all. So by finding an attorney through word of mouth, you might find the right attorney for you, but the odds are slim. So what can you do instead?

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