If you’ve just been in a motorcycle accident- or any accident, for that matter- the last thing you want to be doing is searching high and low for an attorney. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, things seem to have become a lot simpler. You have access to thousands of reviews, easy-to-find contact details, and more choice than ever before. But searching online isn’t all that it seems: if anything, too much choice might make the process more complicated. But don’t worry, because our guide below explains everything you need to know on finding Colorado Springs motorcycle attorneys!

colorado springs motorcycle attorneys

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Searching Through ‘Word Of Mouth’

The first thing you could try is finding an attorney by ‘word of mouth’ through your friends, family or colleagues. Odds are that somebody you know has needed an attorney before, and could give you some tips. Whether their experience was a good one or a bad one, their insider knowledge can still help. This is how most people find their attorneys (and doctors, and dentists, and more!) but there’s a good reason why you should at least try searching on your own beforehand.

The fact is that most people will contact just two or three attorneys before picking one. That’s not an awful lot. Considering that there are dozens to choose from in Colorado Springs alone, you can easily make the wrong choice. Not only that, but bear in mind that you want a specialist lawyer: a motorcycle attorney. What are the odds that your family managed to find the best Colorado Springs motorcycle attorneys? Honestly? Slim. So to begin with, you should start your search online, so that you can find exactly what you want.

Starting Your Online Search

Starting your online search is as simple as searching for attorneys on a review site like Yelp. All you have to do is search for ‘motorcycle attorneys’, narrow down the search to your local area, and go. And voila: you have access to thousands of reviews, comments and feedback that you can use to pick the perfect attorney for you. Finding feedback before you make any big decision is a great idea: it’s much better to find out that your doctor or dentist doesn’t know what they’re doing before you go and see them for a check-up, right?

But all might not be what it seems. Believe it or not, but many businesses buy five star reviews online. For a relatively low price, any business can buy dozens of positive reviews. This can have a huge effect on consumer behavior, since so many customers search for reviews online. Think about it: for just a hundred dollars, a business can buy dozens or hundreds of reviews on different platforms. Over the weeks and months after their purchase, they’ll earn more and more clients or customers, and more than make their money back. From a business standpoint, you can understand why they might do it. But it’s a shocking practice that erodes consumer trust and punishes honest businesses.

Bear that in mind before you start searching for business feedback on Yelp, or other similar sites. At least it’s relatively easy to spot fake reviews; look out for vague reviews written in broken English. If the majority of reviews for a business are similarly vague, then they might have bought them online.

Contacting Colorado Springs Motorcycle Attorneys Directly

To get a better idea of what an attorney is really like, you should talk to them. Many attorneys offer free consultations, so that they can assess the likelihood that your claim will succeed, and offer you their services. This is easily the best way to find out more about the attorney you’re going to work with. Not only do you get an idea of how competent they are, but how easy they are to talk to. Bear in mind that some claims can take a very long time, with lots of small victories and defeats along the way. Your case might even go to court. As such, you want an attorney that you feel comfortable with, and that you have confidence in. Talking to them either over the phone or face to face is the best way for you to do that.

The main problem with taking this approach is that it takes so much time and effort. After an accident, you should be spending time resting and recuperating… Not taking trips across town trying to find Colorado Springs motorcycle attorneys. If you’d like more time to recover and focus on your health, then, you should pick 719-PAIN.

Why Choose 719-PAIN?

Finding the right attorney is easy with 719-PAIN. We’re a hotline dedicated to the people of Colorado Springs, and we can help you find the very best Colorado Springs motorcycle attorneys, physicians and chiropractors. Here’s how it works:

  • You call our 719-PAIN hotline. The first person you’ll speak to is one of our trained advisors. Their job is to find out more about what happened: where your accident took place, whether you were at fault, whether you needed medical assistance, whether you collected any evidence, and so on. They won’t ask you any personal questions that you aren’t comfortable answering.
  • Once they know more about your accident, our advisor can recommend either a physician, a chiropractor, or a Colorado Springs motorcycle attorney. We’ve found the very best in the area, so that you don’t have to.
  • After that, we can put you in touch with the experts you need.

The best thing is that we aren’t paid to make certain recommendations over others. All of our recommendations are completely impartial, and made with your best interest in mind. Not only that, but we don’t charge a cent for the service either. All we want is to help you get better, and get the compensation you deserve. So give us a call today to find out more: your recovery starts here!


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