Bicycle accidents can be uniquely damaging. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in one, then you need a bicycle accident lawyer Colorado Springs!

When you’re in a bike accident, you aren’t protected by the shell of a car or another vehicle. Not only that, but you’re already moving fast- increasing the likelihood that the accident will be genuinely damaging. But if you’ve found this post, the odds are that you already know that. If you’ve been in an accident and you need help recovering the compensation that’s rightfully yours… Welcome to 719-PAIN! We can guide you through the process, from start to finish, and even help you with medical care too. Would you like to know more? Then check out our guide to bicycle accident lawyers below.

Bicycle accident lawyer Colorado Springs

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Why Might You Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs?

Bicycle accidents vary in severity, but are typically fairly serious. Here’s a list of common bicycle and motorcycle accidents.

  • While stopped at a stop light, cars can shunt your bike from behind. This is normally because they’re distracted in some way.
  • While cycling down the side of the road, it’s common for car owners to open their doors in front of you without seeing you.
  • While cycling in one lane of a road, it’s common for cars to switch lanes in front of you without warning because they didn’t see you.
  • Accidents that are the result of potholes and other road hazards disproportionately affect cyclists.
  • Engineering faults are also possible. Problems like snapped chains are a great example of sudden failures that aren’t your fault.

The long and short of it is that if an accident is your fault, you’re out of luck. But if you were in an accident that was the result of somebody else’s negligence, then you could be owed compensation.

What Do You Need To Make a Claim?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need anything in order to make a claim. But in order to make a successful claim, you need to do things right.

It all starts immediately after the accident. There are a couple of things you need to do: exchange insurance details with the other party, and gather evidence of what happened. If you have a GoPro on your helmet, review it to make sure that it captured the accident. You should also look to gather witnesses and ask for their contact details, too, in case you should need more evidence. If possible, take photos of the scene, of your bike and of your injuries too. They could all come in handy later.

Aside from that, you also need your doctor to make notes on your injuries. These records will form the basis of your claim, and be the primary evidence of your injuries.

Why Pick a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs?

If you’re fortunate enough to not have needed one before, you might not have known that there’s such a thing as a bicycle accident lawyer. But there most definitely are specialists out there who work almost exclusively with cyclists involved in accidents. The reasoning behind picking a bicycle accident lawyer is that they can offer you expertise that you won’t find elsewhere. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t hire a family doctor to perform open heart surgery. They might be a doctor, but they don’t have the expertise you need right at this very moment. In the same way, you want to pick a specialist lawyer who’s handled cases like yours before.

So, why should you pick a bicycle accident lawyer Colorado Springs? What do they offer that generalist lawyers don’t? Let’s take a look.

  1. If you were involved in any particular kind of bicycle accident, the odds are that your lawyer will have dealt with the same situation before.
  2. Insurance companies love to low-ball cyclists. Your bicycle accident lawyer will know exactly what to so and what to say to maximize your claim.
  3. Bicycle accident lawyers will be able to properly estimate the cost of your accident, which includes medical bills and property damage. Both insurance companies and generalist lawyers can fail to understand the true value of your bike and equipment.

How Can You Find a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs?

Finding a bicycle accident lawyer needn’t be difficult. In fact, you can make it a breeze if you call 719-PAIN. We’re a dedicated hotline for the people of Colorado Springs, and we can help you find attorneys, physicians and chiropractors- all in one call! It all starts when you make that first call. When you call our hotline, the first person you’ll speak to is one of our expert advisors. They’re there to find out a little more about your accident, and how we might be able to help, so they’ll ask you some non-sensitive questions about what happened. They’ll ask about where the accident was, who was at fault, whether you have witnesses or GoPro footage and so on.

Once we know why you’re calling, that’s when we can help you. Our advisor will be able to forward you to the help that you need, whatever that might be. Before we do, we’ll ask you exactly what you need: do you need a specialist physician to diagnose common accident injuries like whiplash and concussion, and to take detailed notes of what’s wrong that we can use in your case? Or do you just need an attorney, but you don’t have the time to trawl through reviews and online feedback?

We work with the very best physicians, chiropractors and attorneys in the Colorado Springs area, to save you from the hassle of searching for them. We aren’t paid to make certain recommendations, either, so we only offer the very best. Once we put you in touch with your attorney, they take the lead from there. We don’t charge you a cent for our service; all we want to do is help you claim.

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