Have you been in an auto injury? And do you need help with your recovery? Then an auto accident chiropractor is exactly what you need! But if you’ve never needed a chiropractor before, how do you go about finding one? How do you know you’ve found a good one when you search online? If you go it alone, there’s always a chance you’ll end up booking a session with an under-qualified, unskilled chiropractor instead of one who can help you with your pain. But not if you use 719-PAIN. 

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Skilled Chiropractors vs. Unskilled Chiropractors

Picking an expert chiropractor is no easy task. And if you pick one that isn’t so great, you could experience the following:

  • Excessive discomfort. Chiropractic techniques can hurt as your body gets used to them; but eventually, you’ll adapt. If a chiropractor starts off with treatment that hurts too much, this can jeopardize your recovery.
  • A chiropractor who uses the wrong technique for the wrong condition. Certain techniques and certain instruments work great for some people, but not for others. A good chiropractor can tell the difference.
  • A chiropractor with terrible customer service skills. If they’re getting up close and personal with your back, you don’t want to feel awkward holding a conversation with them!

Any one of these points can make your recovery more stressful than it needs to be. That’s why you need to get off on the right foot, with the right chiropractor.

Choosing The Right Auto Accident Chiropractor

First things first, there are some chiropractors who specialize in auto accident injuries. If you’ve been in an auto accident, it’s likely that you’ll have one of a number of common injuries: neck and shoulder strains (i.e. whiplash), broken ribs/bruising around the ribs, broken arms or legs, concussion and back injuries. Now, all chiropractors are great for back pain and back injuries. Chiropractic was invented just over a hundred years ago to treat spinal problems, which is what it’s mostly used for today. But not all chiropractors can claim to specialize in treating other injuries like whiplash, which can be exceptionally painful, and require delicate care. Some do, and some don’t. So how do you pick the right auto accident chiropractor? Let’s take a look.

Use Online Reviews

The way most people judge restaurants, dental surgeries, chiropractors and more these days is through online reviews. The idea is to learn from other people’s experience, but reviews aren’t always fair. Business owners can buy reviews online, and they can even be generated by software. Besides that, unless a business has hundreds and hundreds of reviews, it’s unfair to call their rating a genuine average; a one star review can make a business look very bad indeed if they only have five reviews, as it brings their average down by quite a margin. So it’s difficult to get a good understanding of an auto accident chiropractor solely from their reviews.

Use Word Of Mouth

‘Word of mouth’ is the original review system. A family member or friend may have been to a chiropractor in the past, and can give you their honest opinion of the place. So unlike online star ratings, you know that you can rely on the honesty of their ‘review’. The main problem with word of mouth is that it’s such a small sample size: their one bad experience might be unusual compared to everyone else who goes to a particular clinic. That can make a good clinic look bad, or a bad clinic look good. Plus, not everybody knows someone who went to a chiropractor anyway, so it can actually be difficult to even get a word of mouth review in the first place.

Call Their Office Yourself

The most thorough method is to simply call or visit each office yourself. You can get an impression of how each chiropractic clinic likes to do business. But needless to say, this is incredibly time-consuming. There are dozens and dozens of chiropractors in and around Colorado Springs, and if you need a physician and an attorney too, then you can triple the number of calls you’ll be making. It’s even worse if you’re suffering from an auto accident, when you should be focused on your recovery rather than making phone calls! Far better is to…

Call 719-PAIN!

By far the best way to find an auto accident chiropractor is to call the 719-PAIN hotline. 719-PAIN is an independent, unbiased and free service to the residents of Colorado Springs. We’ve combed the city for the very best auto accident chiropractors, physicians and attorneys so that you don’t have to. Instead of doing everything yourself, you can call us whenever you like to find everything you need to assist your recovery. Here’s how it works.

  1. You call our 844-719-PAIN hotline.
  2. You talk to one of our experts over the phone. They use screening questions to find out what’s gone wrong, what you need, and how we can help.
  3. We make a unique recommendation for you, based on nothing but your unique condition.

We are entirely unaffiliated, meaning that we’re not associated with any one medical provider. So we don’t sell any plan or charge you a cent for the service. For us, the point is to help you at every stage of your recovery. If you need a personal injury doctor to help you recover immediately after an accident. If you need an auto accident doctor to help you with pain in your day to day life, we can help with that. And if you need an attorney to help you file your claim and fight on your side against the big insurance companies, we can help with that too. All after one phone call. So pick up the phone and get in touch with us today!

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