Concussion is a common injury that can arise from any form of accident or collision. It can cause permanent and life-altering damage, typically after the impact of an auto accident. Sports such as hockey, football and rugby are also common contributors to concussion. So what are the typical concussion settlement amounts?

Concussion settlement amounts

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What Is Concussion?

Concussion is a condition caused by the head whipping backward, forward or to the side in a crash. If the motion is particularly violent, it will cause a great deal of pain. Typically it will cause such injury that the victim is left with microtears in their neck muscles which are incredibly painful once the adrenaline dies down. Alongside that, the damage to the brain as it hits the front of your skull causes concussion. That’s why these conditions frequently co-occur.

Whenever any injury occurs around the head region, it is always a cause for concern. This is because any injury to the head might also affect the brain which is exceptionally delicate. Every activity in the body is controlled by the brain. That’s why anybody who suffers a head injury is at such risk. Car accidents remain the highest contributor to concussion. It’s unfortunate that many victims injured through car accidents don’t get proper medical attention because the injuries can be so severe. Also, concussion injury cannot be easily detected on a CT scan or x-ray, which makes it quite difficult to detect.

No one is prepared for an auto accident, or an injury like concussion or whiplash. No one want to fall victim to one. But if you have, you need to consult with a law firm that specializes in negotiating concussion settlement amounts for victims.

Concussion Injury Causes

Car accidents remains the leading cause of concussions as the force of the impact of a moving car crash is often devastating. When two vehicles moving at a 60 mph suddenly collide, the vehicles stop dead in their tracks. But the physics of a crash mean that the driver and any passengers keep moving forward at the rate they were before. Thankfully, seatbelts take the brunt of the force. If you were in any doubt about just how forcefully you’re thrown forward, take a look at the bruises people get just from seatbelts.

Unfortunately, the seatbelt does nothing to stop the head from whipping forward, and then whipping back again after an accident. If anything, your neck feels the full force of the crash that the seatbelt protects the rest of your body from. This is why you can get concussion even from minor crashes. You can get concussion from:

Victims of concussion injury often undergo unimaginable pain, stress and anxieties which have to do with the crash. So if you or your loved ones have experienced concussion injury as a result of car accident, then you may be entitled to compensation. This could be from your insurance or the individual that cause the accident. You may want to know the concussion settlement amounts as it will help you pay your losses, medical expenses, and any other associated costs.

When an accident that led to concussion is caused by the negligence of another party, then the injured victim can bring up a personal injury claim. So what exactly can you claim for?

Economic Losses

So you had to go to the hospital after your concussion. This will translate into the concussion settlement amount. Economic losses could be medical expenses, therapy costs, property damage, in-home care expenses, lost wages and loss of earning ability, and lifestyle change expenses. All of this can be accounted for as part of your compensation.

Non-economic Losses

The non-economic losses can sometimes be more than the economic losses suffered by the victim. This includes: pain, suffering, distress, emotional/mental anguish, depression or anxiety, loss of quality of life, impaired relationships. Depending on the severity of your concussion, these losses may be substantial. Talking to a physician and an attorney can give you a better idea of how your concussion has affected your life.

Proving Fault, Damages, and Being A Good Negotiator

Aside from the damage suffered by the victim and the compensation source available, other things that can affect the concussion settlement amount is the plaintiff’s ability to:

  • Prove fault
  • Substantiate damages and
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement.

If you cannot sufficiently prove the defendant’s fault and negligence, you will not be able to win your claim, no matter how bad your concussion. Further, even if you were able to prove fault, but unable to point to any damage caused by this accident, you will not be able to claim a worthwhile amount. And lastly, a good negotiating skill might just make a difference in your bid to get a full settlement. This is necessary as most insurance companies will initially offer you far less than the concussion settlement amounts you deserve. They hope you will just accept whatever you are offered and move on.

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