There are many kinds of physical therapy available to you. You can experience these healing processes through one of the numerous Colorado Springs physical therapy services available through 719-PAIN. Some therapies involve the use of OTC medication, others involve exercise, others involve chiropractic. Often chiropractic involves all three! Therapy aims to achieve a lasting solution to the patients’ medical challenges. In this article, we’ll be looking at how chiropractic physical therapy can help you overcome whatever’s ailing you- so read on if you’d like to know more!

Colorado Springs Physical Therapy

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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic, if you didn’t know, is a kind of physical therapy based on the idea of ‘manipulation’. Now, that doesn’t mean ‘manipulation’ in the sense of convincing you to do something you don’t want to do. No, it’s to do with the dictionary definition of the word- using your hands to change something, to shape something, and in this case to make it better. There are all different kinds of techniques involved in chiropractic. Almost all involve using the hands to push or pull the body in a certain way that benefits the spine or limbs.

Other chiropractors use tools, normally as an extra part of the process rather than the basis of it. But however exactly they help you, it’s always through trying to adjust the spine, whether that’s the lower back or the vertebrae of the neck. Misalignments along the spine can be the root of aches and pains, and that’s what chiropractors can help with. Just like doctor’s offices, some chiropractic clinics are walk-in, so you can get treatment as soon as you need it. We can refer you to a walk-in clinic if you call out 719-PAIN hotline.

What To Expect From Chiropractic

Consulting with a chiropractor about your problems is a great idea because it is one of the Colorado Springs physical therapy services that’s both affordable and effective. You should consult with a chiropractor for issues such as aching joints that have caused you a lot of discomforts, persistent muscle strains, spinal troubles, shooting pains in your lower back, and issues with your joints in any part of your body. The following process is what you should expect from a regular chiropractic session.

Interview and Examination

The first meeting with a chiropractor is going to be an interview session. This is done to find out more about your issues. You will also have the opportunity to ask your chiropractor some questions about how the whole process of ‘manipulation’ works. Interacting with the chiropractor is essential to confirm that you will get the best service, and whether they’re right for you. After speaking with you about the issue, the chiropractor may need to examine you. The examinations are for further diagnosis which will aid better decision making. That way, they’ll be able to learn exactly how they could help you.

Treatment Commences

Now your chiropractor knows what you are going through, and the best course of treatment they can give you. It will be one of the numerous chiropractic therapies suitable to alleviate your condition. The treatment process may require a series of chiropractic sessions. Over the course of all your sessions, you will learn more about your condition and what caused the injury. You will also learn more about what you can do to prevent a recurrence. That’s one of the reasons why chiropractors are experts: not just because they studied how to help you, but because their experience allows them to advise you on how best to avoid repeat strains and injuries. They aren’t just helping you now, but in the future, too!

You should expect to have a chiropractic session at least once a week, in some cases maybe twice weekly, especially if you have severe injuries. The timing is quite flexible so you can plan well with your chiropractor to establish a time that won’t disrupt your schedule. The sessions are mostly painless. The chiropractor will feel, probe and pull the muscles and tissues in the areas you feel discomfort. You may only feel some pain if there is an internal injury, but it will heal. After the chiropractic sessions, you will feel much better. Your chiropractor will even teach you some simple exercises to perform in your home.

After Colorado Springs Physical Therapy

Under the guidance of your chiropractor, you will learn simple exercises to continue post-treatment. Many of these exercises can be done independently without any assistance from your spouse or family. This makes it convenient; however, for the best results, there should be a planned timetable. Feel free to continue these exercises as long as you want. Please note that you should pay careful attention to your body’s reaction to identify any discomfort while exercising. If you start feeling pains again or another discomfort, you should report the symptoms to your chiropractor. More importantly, you shouldn’t grit your teeth and exercise through the pain. That’s only going to make your problem worse. Respect your body’s limits for the time being; the point of the exercises is to increase your strength and range of motion. That’s something that’s going to come over time, not through ‘pushing past the pain’.

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