There’s no such thing as a good car accident. Some aren’t as bad as others, and some are more likely to result in certain injuries than others. But there are precious few kinds of car accident that are as damaging and as deadly as a T Bone car accident. Not only are you likely to receive severe injuries in the crash; but your car will more than likely be totalled.

That’s why we’re here to help. If you’d like to know more about T Bone car accidents, what injuries they cause, and how we could help you recover and then claim against one, read on!

T bone car accident

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What is a T Bone Car Accident?

If you’re fortunate enough never to have been in a T Bone car accident, or to have witnessed one, you might not know what they are. After all, what does steak have to do with car accidents?! Well, it’s less to do with steak and more to do with how the cars hit one another. T Bone car accidents are where one car drives into the side of another- not at an angle, but straight on, forming the shape of a capital T.  You might know them as ‘broadsides’. The two terms describe the same kind of accident.

It’s typically the car that drives into the side of the other that’s at fault. It’s also typically the driver of the vehicle being hit who is injured more, especially if the offending car hits the driver’s side door. A T bone car accident can also cause significant damage because it leaves the two cars involved veering across a highway- most likely into the path of other oncoming cars. They’re far more serious than a basic rear-end collision (for example).

If you’ve been injured in a collision like this, it’s likely that your physical and financial recovery will take some time. These crashes are serious and will likely completely total your car. Plus, there are plenty of different injuries that you might sustain.

What Injuries Can I Get?

Because of the dangerous nature of T Bone car accidents, there are many different kinds of injury that you might receive. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Head injuries, ranging from light to severe
  • Cutting caused by shattered glass, especially to the side of the head and the ear
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Shoulder and arm injuries, particularly on the side of the car which is hit
  • Hip and leg injuries, especially where they are caught in the broken frame of the car

Needless to say, you are more likely to receive serious injury if you are on the side of the car which the other car hits. Even so, passengers in either the front or back seats can receive serious injuries too. The extent of their injuries depends on the speed and severity of the impact. This greatly varies depending on how fast the drivers are going at the time of the collision.

What Compensation Can I Get?

The amount of compensation that you’re likely to receive depends on a number of different factors. After all, your personal injury is unique to you; the amount that you get is going to depend on your specific case. Here are the main reasons why your claim might be worth a lot, or might be worth nothing at all:

  1. Did you cause the accident? If so, you won’t be able to claim, because you were at fault. You can only claim for accidents that weren’t your fault, or that were only partially your fault. Take the example of a man riding a bicycle without a helmet. If he were knocked off his bike by a careless driver and sustained head injuries, that would be an example where both parties were at fault- the man would still be able to claim, but would have a harder time proving his case.
  2. What injuries did you sustain? The severity of your injuries, and of your ‘pain and suffering’ generally, informs the amount you are likely to get.
  3. Did your accident mean that you had to rack up some hospital bills? You may be able to claim for these, as well as any other monetary damages directly caused by your accident e.g. to your car and possessions.
  4. If your accident caused a permanent disability, especially one that stops you from being able to work, this could mean that your claim would be worth a substantial amount of money. We’re referring to loss of future earnings, which are the earnings you could have received from your job if you were still able to work. Depending on your job and your age, this could be plenty of money.

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