Are you looking for an auto accident doctor? Welcome to 719 Pain, an unaffiliated organization established to offer auto accident advice and guidance to the Colorado Springs area. At 719 Pain, we don’t “sell” you anything. All we want to do is provide you access to our fantastic selection of attorneys and medical practitioners. They are experts in helping people just like you recover from auto injuries.

So have you been injured and need help on what next to do? Let 719 Pain help you find the best health and legal advice. Here are all the reasons why you should give us a call today.

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Find a Doctor AND a Lawyer

Part of the 719 Pain package is our capability to assist you in finding quality auto accident doctors. These physicians are experts in treating common complaints after auto accidents such as whiplash and broken bones- more on those injuries below. But we also help you connect with both doctors and lawyers, at once! So rather than having to find an attorney all on your own, and then a physician all on your own, you can find them both through our simple service. That way, we help you save both time and money, and solve all of the legal, mental and physical aspects of your accident. Easy!

Our process is simple: Simply call any 719 Pain hotlines, and our call agents will guide you from start to finish. After taking brief notes concerning your injury, our friendly agents will try everything possible to meet the needs of your recovery. At your request, we link you to a trusted legal or medical expert. We save you valuable hours of searching and calling attorneys and physicians by providing direct access to top, local experts.

Treat Your Injuries.

As you might imagine, you can sustain a number of injuries in a car accident. Some injuries are more severe than others; you may not feel some, or even experience any kind of pain (if you’re lucky). Here is a brief list of the injuries that we could help you with, if you called today:

Broken Bones

From broken legs to broken ribs, you’re likely to experience broken bones in a car crash. Broken bones are normally easy to identify. But as a victim, you may not quickly identify hairline fractures, as they do not usually cause pain. Hairline fractures only weaken your bones and make them vulnerable to break in the future. Our physicians will thoroughly examine any potential hairline fractures that you may otherwise miss.

Emotional Damage

Individuals who survive a car crash tend to find it difficult to adjust to a healthy life. This damage can be due to fear of a repeat incident or long-term anxiety from work and daily routine. These conditions can cause substantial emotional harm. So, emotive damages are not only physical but also, internal too. You need treatment to help your mental recovery, and you can even claim for it, too.

Head Trauma

Head trauma is unfortunately common. In an accident, it is likely that your head will slam into the car door, the steering wheel or the dash. These actions leave you feeling dazed at best, and at worst lead to brain damage. You should always have any head trauma checked by an auto accident doctor as soon as possible.


Whiplash is the most common auto accident injury. It stems from the neck being forcefully whipped backwards, forwards or to the side in a car crash. Whiplash can develop into lasting ligament and muscle damage around the neck if not treated appropriately, and is no laughing matter. It’s incredibly painful.

Expertise Is Vital

Overlooking your pain can lead to further injuries, and regular physicians may not be familiar with the results of an auto accident. Visiting a chiropractor, doctor, or other medical practitioner for any pain is best to get the first diagnosis. But a qualified auto accident doctor can provide a detailed checkup to determine the source of your pain. If you did not cause the accident, qualified auto accident doctor could also assist in documenting your injuries. Such documents become useful to your lawyer when filing for a claim.

At 719 Pain, we can provide everything needed to support you after your car accident in the following weeks. First of all, 719 Pain can get you chiropractors, doctors, and other qualified physicians. They can assist in managing and treating your pain. And when you feel ready, we can find you a lawyer ready to claim back what you deserve and pay for your medical costs and lost earnings. So rather than trying to fix everything yourself- from getting your car repaired to finding a doctor and an attorney- let us do the majority of the ‘grunt work’ for you. We take pride in helping the residents of Colorado Springs recover from accident injuries. So let us do what we do best, and give us a call today.

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