If you’ve been in an accident, what you do next could impact your entire life. Unfortunately, many people don’t know exactly where to turn amidst all of the chaos. But don’t worry; you’re not alone. With the help of 719 Pain, you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Our accident helpline can give you advice related to your personal injury and put you in touch with professionals that can help you recover.

After an accident you will be in need of:

  • Physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Lawyers

…and maybe even therapists or some other type of specialist. We can put you in touch with any expert you might need, all in one phone call. Not exactly sure which services you need? We can also help to assess your situation and determine which services would be most beneficial to you during your process of healing. Here are some other reasons to call an accident helpline:

Accident helpline

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1) You can find an expert quickly and easily.

Looking for a chiropractor? We can find you one! Looking for a personal injury doctor? We can find you one! Looking for an attorney to represent your case? We can find you one of those too! Whatever your needs or concerns, we can help to put you in touch with a specialist that meets your needs.

Sure, you could seek out your own chiropractors, doctors, and attorneys. But in order to find a good one you will need to do plenty of research. Unfortunately, in today’s society, you need to be careful who you hire, especially when it comes to your health. There are many people out there who claim to be professionals, but who lack the experience and knowledge to give you the attention you really deserve. And then you run into the problem of finding professionals within your budget range. Attorneys, for example, can be extremely expensive to hire. And many people simply can’t afford what many lawyers charge.

With the help of our accident helpline specialists, you don’t have to worry about these things. We have already weeded though all of the professionals for you. At 719 Pain we make sure that anyone we put you in touch with is both knowledgeable and experienced. In addition, we work with all types of attorneys, who work on a contingency fee basis. In return, we can work with any budget to help you find someone who can meet it.

Just give us a call, tell us your needs, and we will put you in touch – quick and easy!

2) You can find out how much your claim is worth.

If you have sustained a personal injury that was not your fault, you may have entitlement to compensation. So how much is your claim worth? Without extensive details, it can be difficult to put an exact price on your claim. Factors to consider include the severity of the injury, and how much time you need to take off of work. Other factors may include medical bills and related expenses, as well as any emotional trauma that was suffered.

Of course, this is not an extensive list of things that you can claim damages for. But an accident helpline can help to review your case and determine exactly what damages you may be able to claim. We can also put you in touch with a personal injury lawyer who can work with you through the process of collecting information and filing your claim.

3) We can find someone to help with the pain.

After an accident, your first stop should be to the hospital for assessment. Unfortunately, some conditions associated with personal injuries aren’t usually diagnosed upon your first hospital visit. Whiplash, for example, is a common auto accident injury. But the signs of whiplash can often take weeks, or even months, to present themselves. And because there are not always immediate symptoms, general practitioners could miss it. And unfortunately, if you wait too long for diagnoses, you miss the opportunity to file for damages. This means all medical bills associated with the whiplash will fall on your shoulders.

So what should you do? Call an accident helpline as soon as possible following your accident. This should be true even if you don’t have any immediate pain. At our accident line we can help to put you in touch with professionals that can help to diagnose those unseen injuries like whiplash. In return, it ensures that you can include them within any claim you decide to file.

In addition, we can put you in touch with physicians, doctors, chiropractors, and other health care specialists that can help you heal. General practitioners only have access to basic treatments. And such treatments may not be enough to fully solve your injuries and dissolve your pain. When you call our helpline we can assess your pain concerns and help to put you in touch with a specialist that can actually help.

Why not give us a call today?

At 719 Pain, our goal is to get you the help you need after a personal injury. Whether you are searching for an attorney or a specialist to help treat your pain, we can help to put you in touch with someone in your area. And remember, when you are in an accident, time is not on your side. At 719 Pain, we can help to cut your research time and put you in touch with someone quickly. Don’t wait until it is too late – call our accident helpline today at 844-719-PAIN. Our specialists are on standby to help you!

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