Average car accident settlements are typically somewhere around the amount offered to the victim by insurance companies, to cover for the loss and damages occurred. The settlements of car accident claims should be wholly determined by various factors related with the car accident; but, unfortunately, insurance companies are built on giving out less than they take in. That’s how they stay in business, after all. So how much should you expect in a car accident settlement? Well, it depends on the accident.

If you were the unlucky victim of a car accident as a pedestrian, you’re not alone. According to recent figures, over 5,000 pedestrians die in car accidents in the United States each year. About 150,000 suffer from various injuries caused by car accidents. Most of these accidents occur when a vehicle crashes into individuals or groups of individuals crossing the street, or walking along the sidewalk. Whether it’s on a quiet country road or in a busy metropolitan area, when a moving automobile meets a pedestrian, the effects are never good.

After a car accident occurs, the police and other emergency personnel will arrive at the accident scene. Emergency medical care will be administered to those in need and a quick assessment will be done. One of the things the police officers will do is to make a written report of any witness statements. Also, the law enforcement officer will be looking to determine who was at fault for the accident. Generally speaking, car accidents might occur due to negligence on the part of the pedestrian. Was the fault solely the driver’s? Or, was the pedestrian walking and texting or strolling across the road. Why are we telling you all of this? Because each of these factors affects your settlement.

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Determining the Value of Your Car Accident Settlement

The most common question people ask their attorneys is “What is the value of my case?” But as you can already tell, the answer isn’t a simple one. The value of a claim depends on the factors above, as well as the quality of evidence your attorney can obtain. The amount you should expect from your claim is essentially a wild guess.

You have to remember that the amount that finds its way to your bank account might not reflect what you feel you deserve. Your insurance company wants to pay you the least amount as possible. It will never settle a car accident case for more than it thinks your lawyer will be able to get a jury to award if the case goes to trial. You might also be 100% sure that the other driver was at fault; but if it’s impossible to prove, you won’t have a case. That’s just how personal injury works.

Your best bet? Hire a lawyer and have them review your case from top to bottom. Your lawyer will estimate the value of your settlement case based first on their experience, second on the evidence available, and third on what other people were able to claim after similar car accidents. This is the most accurate predictor of the amount to expect from your case. To give you some idea of what you might be entitled to in a car accident settlement, here is a brief list of the different kinds of damages that you may be able to claim.

Personal injury damages

A victim can claim compensation from an insurance company or from the individual responsible for the accident when it’s time to try and resolve your car accident settlement. Recoverable damages and compensations can be classified into two separate kinds, which are general and special damages.

Special damages

This type of compensation relates to specific, easily verifiable costs incurred after an accident that wasn’t your fault. Special damage cost includes lost wages, loss of earning capacity, prescription expenses, current and future medical expenses, travel expenses, and the cost of repairing or replacing property.

General damages

This type of damage is more subjective. Rather than relating to bills and lost wages, general damages are for ‘pain and suffering’. Examples of pain and suffering include embarrassment, physical pain, loss of the ability to enjoy life, loss of sleep, and the mental effects of disability and disfigurement. These types of damages are typically greater than special damages.

Putting it all together in a car accident case

Being involved in a car accident which is somebody else’s fault puts the victim in the middle of a difficult position. It is possible for you as the victim to make mistakes which will negatively impact your case. So, for example, you could lose vital paperwork, fail to file certain papers on time, and get bogged down in the process of claiming. That’s why you need to consult with and hire a lawyer whose expertise lies in car accidents and personal injury law. And that’s what we’re here for.

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